Beauty at your Fingertips – Book by Dr. Nirmala Shetty

Beauty at your Fingertips, Kitchen Remedies for Skin & Hair
By Dr. Nirmala Shetty.

Article Courtsey: Bombay Times, The Times of India.
Working with ingredients found on kitchen shelves - herbs and fruits, vegetables and spices - Dr Nirmala Shetty in her latest book Beauty At Your Finger Tips, offers easy-to-use, eco-friendly and delectable concoctions for overall brilliant skin and good hair especially for those who suffer from rosacea, dark circles, hair fall or premature greying. The book was launched by former Miss Universe and actress, Sushmita Sen. Other celebrity guests present at the launch included Shreya Kishore (Former Miss India Earth), Farzana Contractor- Sandya Chippalkatti, Kiran Bawa and many others.

"Dr Nirmala Shetty is a name I love and trust. I have great regard for her cures, treatments and recipes that come from the kitchens of our mothers and grandmothers - kitchens that are full of love and natural herbs and spices," said Sushmita.

The book is a liteal treasure trove of Dr Shetty's age old knowledge with tons of eco-friendly; easy and effective secrets. For example, did you know that an orange peel made at home is far more wonderful for your skin than the costly orange scrubs or vitamin C supplements you buy for your skin from the market? Her philosophy behind this book and her ideas is simple - "Whatever we apply to our skin, goes inside. So, all the more reason to feed your skin the best of nature's wonders. I wish to share my knowledge with every woman out there who believes that beauty is skin deep. I have tried to create a book that is relevant across ages and genders. Within the pages of this book, you'll find chapters devoted to male beauty (how about an organic aftershave lotion, with aloe vera, tea tree oil and cucumber); age-specific potions (did you know that coconut milk and almonds can keep wrinkles at bay); and even daily beauty potions (how green gram packs can nourish your baby's body)," said Dr Shetty.

The book, priced at Rs 295, will be available at all leading stores as well as online on popular shopping websites sites. The books will also be available at Dr Shetty's centres. Packed with more than a 100 unique recipes, this book is a must read for those who like to look and feel beautiful.

The Book is available online at and with upto 25% Discounts.