Spa Services

Services at Nirmal Herbal - Bath Scrubs

Our services and treatments include a wide range of Facials, Clean-Ups, Body Massages, Bath Scrubs, Manicures & Pedicures, Hair Spas, Oil Massages, Pampering for the Bride to-be, tailor made to suit your skin and hair, all done with completely freshly ground natural food and herb extracts.

All facials are invigorating and relaxing. These facials not only relax the face muscles but the supporting muscles of the scalp, the neck and the shoulder and the back. All facials aim at improving skin texture and elasticity. All ingredients used in these facials are made for 100% natural ingredients like Saffron, Almond, Aloe, Fruits, Dry fruits and Herbs.
Clean-ups are for those with skin disorders like acne, pigmentation ,scars, blemishes. Clean-ups are also short cut treatment to fresher looking skin. Rs. 1400 Onward.

Body massages are a total de-stressor from toe to head. It includes a massage with the choice of aromatic oils. It includes a face massage with a natural ingredients and a feet cleansing. Bath Scrubs help in exfoliating dead cells and impact softness to the skin. Beneficial in reducing tan and removing blemishes. Packs are applied followed by a milk bath. Rs. 2000 Onward.

All hair treatments are done with freshly ground herb juice, Vegetable juices, Dry fruit juices, Aloe Vera juice, Special Hibiscus paste, Leaf juice, Protein pack and Wash with special milk and hair conditioning with natural conditioners. Heena - A paste of henna mixed with other natural herbs, vegetables and ingredients is applied to the hair giving it a beautiful colour tinge thereby making the hair soft & conditioned. Thereafter hair is washed with natural conditioners.  Hair Treatments Rs. 1400 Onward. Regular Henna- Rs.1500 Onward. Wine Henna - Rs. 2000 Onward.

Nirmal Herbal's Divine treatments are a great way to get the antioxidants in for your skin and hair. Extremely nourishing and hydrating, these services include facials/ cleanups, hair care and manicures & pedicures. Pamper yourself ! Rs. 1800 Onward.

Give your Hands and Feet the attention they deserve! Feel the difference with Nirmal’s “all natural” Manicure and Pedicure. Rs. 700 Onward.

Our Bridal Packages include a refreshing facial, a special body massage, a whole body waxing, a back care session, a special herbal pedicure, a special herbal manicure, hair treatments both for nourishing and conditioning. This is followed by a Bath Scrub with pastes from natural ingredients. After cleansing the finale with coconut milk and essential oils, all leaving you totally fragrant and relaxed for your important Big Day. Fresh fruit juices and light meals provided during the treatment. Rs. 11000 Onward.